Whiskey Feature

Paul sutton bourbon bottled–in–bond

Whiskey Feature
Paul Sutton Bourbon

• Bottled–In–Bond
• Single Barrel
• Century Old Mash Recipe
• Aged 6 Years
• 100 Proof

Cooperage: Charred new American white oak barrels. Selected, toasted with #4 char.

Mash Recipe: Heirloom Corn (72%), Rye (17%), Malted Barley (11%).

Tasting Notes
The palate delivers notes of vanilla, oak and toasted nuts with hints of caramel. It has a deep, dry and resonate finish.

Nose: A spicy aroma of dried citrus and orange peels with a hint of caramel and vanilla.

Palate: Full and soft, makred by a mix of burnt sugar, caramel, orange and cloves.

Finish: Balanced with vanilla, honey and citrus. 

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